Kanyakubj Brahmins

Pleasant Surprise

Through one of letter to the editor of Kanyakubj Vaani, we came to know that Gangulies of Bengal are also Kanyakubj Brahmins, who migrated to Bengal in 6th century. So, amongst famous Kanyakubjas we can add names of Ashok Kumar, Kishor Kumar & famous cricketer Saurav Ganguli.

Pradeep Kumar Dubey of Jaipur becomes first member of Kanyakubj Sabha through www.kanyakubj.org. Pradeep Kumar Dubey S/o Sri Surendra Nath Dubey, is M.Sc. expert in Remote Sensing & GIS working engaged with a big private firm. He has to travel abroad in connection to his job. He came to know of Kanyakubj Sabha through the web site. He became life member after downloading form from web-site. Kanyakubj Sabha acknowledges his drat & thanks for his joining.