Kanyakubj Brahmins

Executive Body Meeting

Long pending meeting of Executive Body was organized on 22th Jan, 2012 at the residence of Dr. D.S. Shukla, Editor ‘Kanyakubj Vaani’. Almost all members were present. The meeting was presided by Justice D K Trivedi. In the Meeting, following decisions were taken unanimously:

Date of Annual Holi Milan Samaroh was preponed to 11th March, 2012 from 17th March. Venue & timings will be same as in previous years. All Kanyakubj Brahmins as well as members are cordially invited in Holi Milan Sammroh.

Venue: Rai Uma Nath Bali Auditorium, Kaiserbag, Behind Bhaatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya
Timimgs:  5:30PM

It was also decided that felicitation of ‘Kanyakubj Ratan’ Samaan will be offered to Sri T N Mishra (Educationist) & Sri B N Tiwari Rtd. I. A. S. This time, it was also decided that spouses should be also felicitated as ladies also contribute in making of an ideal personality.

Names of girl students who would receive the scholarship were finalized.

Three cycles are to be given also as scholarships. Names of recipients are to be suggested by members.