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Ayurvedic Book on Vital Points

An Ayurvedic book on "Marmsthal" or vital points in body has been authored by Dr. Anurag Dixit. This book gives details of these vital parts from Ayurvedic point of view & also indicates co-relation in modern medicine. Injury to these vital parts or "Marmsthal" will or may cause death of a person. Injury to vital parts is also considered grievous hurt in medico-legal books & the crime is cognizable offence & most of the time, it is an unbailable crime, as it is tried under sec.302,307 & 304.

Dr Anurag is incharge of Panch-Karm section of "Sahara Hospital" Lucknow. His work on ligament injury of knee joint & treatment of fibroid uterus have been published.

Dr Anurag is also deputy editor of "Kanyakubj Vaani" magzine.

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