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Deepawali Milan Samaroh: Change in Programme

On 5th April,2013 in Annual Holi Milan program, the chief priest of Lalita Devi Peeth Sri Jagdamba Prasad ji was very kindly offered that  Should be organized in Naimish Teerth. It was decided that along with meet of Sabha, free medical check- up & a free legal camp shall also be organized. Dr D.S. Shukla was entrusted to arrange bus to take members from Lucknow to Naimish & back. Those interested in Darshan & Cakra Teerth Shnaan would be provided guide and proper facilities would be available for members so that they have hassle free journey in Teerth.

Originaly Sunday 10 Nov,2013  was fixed for this function. But, from 8th Nov to 18th Nov, 2013, a big “Bhaagvat Paath” is being organized & as many as 88 thousand Rishis & Sanyasis are expected to participate in this ‘Mega Religious’ event. More than 2 Lacs of devotees from all over India are likely to visit the Theerth. In these circumstances, it will not be possible to find proper space of our program.

Hence, our original program of 10th Nov,2013 has been postponed by two weeks. NOW, IT WILL BE ORGANIZED ON 24TH NOV, 2013.

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Please make necessary change in your program. Also let me know how many persons will like to go by Luxury Bus. Charges will be around Rs.250/- per person both ways. The information of participation should reach by last week of August 2013, so that proper arrangements may be made accordingly.

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