Kanyakubj Brahmins

Homage to 'Brave Nirbhaya'

On 16th December 2012 witnessed  violence against women. Whole of India irrespective of cast, creed or language stood up against this ghastly act. The government had to take up few steps to prosecute the culprit. We hardly have any day when some news about rape, or violence is not reported. Has such crimes increased after 'Nirbhaya Incidence'.

No! fact is that now more ladies are coming forward to report such crimes. They seem to be confident now that there F.I.R. will be recorded and quick action will be taken. So in a way it is good outcome of that Black Day. To keep this spirit alive and also to pay homage to 'Brave Nirbhaya', Kanyakubj Sabha lighted candles at Sector 18 Indira Nagar Lucnow at 6 pm on 16 December 2013.