Kanyakubj Brahmins

About Us

Akhil Bhartiya Shri Kanyakubj Pratinidhi Sabha, Lucknow, is very old cultural and charitable organisation. For some unfortunate reasons, it had become inactive. But in 1990, it was revived by re-organising members and executive body, re-validation of expired registration and old bank accounts, etc. Old FDRs were renewed and their accrued interest was properly deposited in bank accounts of the Sabha.

Kanyakubj Sabha is regularly organising an annual “Holi-Milan Samaroh” since 1997. Initially, it was organised in a very small hall of Hindi Sahitya Sabhagar. But due to increasing interest and attendance of members, we are now celebrating it in Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow. It is a very good air conditioned hall with beautiful light and sound effects, and has a seating capacity of around 250 persons. Since 2008 the programme has become very compact, its every minute is well planned in advance. Quality of programme has also improved as more professional artists are giving performance.

The sabha gives scholarships to meritorious and deserving students every year. Though the amount is small, it is significant because it recognises the need and merit. In addition it is engaged in host of social services. It runs a matrimonial service so the members can interact with each other and find suitable match for their children. Every year the sabha honours one male with Kanyakubj Sahyog Samman and a female with Kanyakubj Vidushi Samman for his and her outstanding service to further the cause of Kanyakubj Brahmins. The honours are being bestowed since the year 2009. It is publishing Kanyakubj Vani magazine since 2010.

We are providing scholarships, cycles and reimbursing fees approximately Rs 90,000. It is proposed that from this year we may try to provide accomodation and reimburse coaching fees to one needy civil service aspirant.