Kanyakubj Brahmins

Rituals to Be Followed Daily for Balanced Life

Getting up early
It is very good habit to rise with ray of Sun. Best part of doing mental work is between 4.00 a.m. and 6 a.m. If you are late riser, PLEASE do not start with bang. Try to get up half an hour earlier for two weeks. Then gradually you would be able to get up with rays of Sun. this habit will synchronize your body to biological clock.

10 to 15 minutes of silence daily, will rejuvenate your mind & body. It can be done anywhere anytime of day. But best result will be if done at same place at same time. When you approach the place for solitude brain will automatically go in solitude mood. In India it is known as Dhyan.

Exercise in whatever forms it is walking, jogging, gym or yoga. You may miss a meal not exercise

Vibrant nutrition
Fresh food & fruits, avoid canned & preserved food, milk & milk products. BE VEGETARIAN. Meals should be taken at regular time. Last meal should be 2hrs before you go to bed.

Positive thoughts
Ten minutes before you sleep & 10 mts after you wake up, you have positive thoughts only. It keeps sleep & whole day in positive mood. MINIMUM 7 HOURS SLEEP IS MUST

Breathe through abdomen only. This is called diaphragmatic respiration. Practice it at least 4 to 5 minutes daily for two minutes daily. This is very famous, effective, stress buster. When stressed lie down or recline in your chair put both hands over abdomen & breathe deeply. With each inspiration abdomen should move forward.

Inculcate habit of reading for 30 minutes at least. It can be anything informative (newspaper not included, as now a days it is full of negative reporting). It can be scripture or motivating book. You can read it repeatedly till you have imbibed it fully.

Power of spoken words

In India power of enchanting of mantras is well known. It is nothing but self talk to remind self of your goals. Gayatri mantra is good example. But you should know the meaning of mantras for them to be effective. Or you repeat you wish in your mother tongue. Even that will do. For example you repeatedly say I am healthy, I am able, and I am calm. See effect in 6 weeks

Includes- Industry, compassion, humility, patience, honesty, courage, & of course - forgiveness.

Does not mean not having comfort. It only suggest avoid being extravagant.

Last but not the least

MUSIC:-Not loud & noisy but soft & melodious. It improves the mood when tense or depressed, & is soothing to nerves. It is most effective when going to bed & in early morning.

Please count how many rituals you are already following, then try to follow those which you are missing and feel the difference