Kanyakubj Brahmins

Attributes and Qualities of Brahmins

Duties and Sanskaras of a Brahmin :

maaThe very first living creature created by Lord Brahma was known as Brahmin. Or a person borne through a Brahmin parents called Brahmin and possessing all the sixteen Sanskaras.

There are eleven qualities of Brahmin as defined in the Vedas:-


  • Capability to forgive
  • Kindness towards one and all
  • Holiness (External as well as Internal) & pure vegetarian
  • Follower of Truth
  • Control over all temptations
  • Hatred towards sin
  • always be in pursuit of knowledge,
  • Educating others
  • Appropriate knowledge of Vedas
  • Meditation (Manan or Chintan)
  • Knowledge of Primal Brahma

Brahmin is made superior to all creatures of this universe as defined in Vedas and Puranas. In Srimad Bhagwad Geeta, Lord Krishna says that control of mind, control of senses, undergoing hardships for sake of duty, purity (both internal and external), forgiveness, straightness of mind and body, belief in God, the scriptures and the world, knowledge of the sacred lore, knowledge of the God based on direct experience are the natural duties of Brahmin. (42nd Shloka, 18th Chapter)

The Sandhyas are the roots of the tree Brahma, four Vedas are branches and Karmas are its leaves, so roots must be cared always, means Sandhyas are must for Brahmin. Lord Brahma has defined six essential duties to Brahmins; Learn Vedas and inspire others for it, Yajna by self and inspire others, Get donations and donate further to others.