Kanyakubj Brahmins

Kanyakubj Vanshawali and Different Gotras


Gotras:The Gotras were based on the Rishis who were the origin of that branch. There are sixteen gotras in Kanyakubjas:

1.   Kashyap
2.   Bhardwaj
3.   Shandilya    Click here to see Graphical View of Vanshavali
.   Saankrit
5.   Katyayan
6.   Upmanyu
7.   Kaashyap
8.   Dhananjaya
9.   Kavistha
10.  Gautam
11.  Garg
12.  Bhaardwaj
13.  Kaushik
14.  Vashishtha
15.  Vatsa
16.  Parashar

Among these, the group of six is known as Khatkul. It includes Katyayan, Sankrit, Kashyap, Shandilya, Upmanyu and Bhardwaj. All the marital relations were allowed within this group only. The marital relations were not allowed beyond this group.

The Kanyakubja Brahmins are of high class Brahmins because they perform their duties and Sanskaras as defined in Vedas. They are humble only if they have any daughter else they never bowed down while following their Dharma and Karma even at the time of Pralay.

  • KulaThe kula may be known as sub sect. There are eight components of kula. These are learning of Vedas, conduct according to Vedas, attachment to saintly fellows, dwelling at holy-places, daily Yajnas, following Dharma as defined in Vedas, follower of Truth, and forgiveness. Kula is superior whose persons follow these eight components.
  • Aaspad: Aspad means Title (Status). Brahmins had specialized in performing different types of Yajnas. They acquired title according to Yajnas they had specialized in. Thus those performing Mishra Yajna got Aaspad (title) of Mishra. In the same way, Vaajpeyi - Vaajpeyi Yajna, Awasthi - Awasth Yajna, Shukla - Shukl Yajna, Agnihotri - Agnihotra Yajna.
  • Those who gave Deksha were called Dixit. Those involved in teaching were known as Dwivedi, Trivedi *& Chaturvedi. Those who were involved in Adhyayan were known as Upadhyaya, Pathak, Pandey & Bhattacharya.
  • Trivedi are also known as Tripathi,& Tewari as well.  
  • Shikha, Shakha, Paad and Deity: The Kashyap, Kaushik, Dhananjay, Kaashyap, Vatsa and Shandilya have the Ved-Saamveda, Upveda-Gaandharva, Deity-Vishnu, Kauthumi Shakha,Gobhil Sutra,Vaam - Shikha (Left - Shikha means shikha will be knotted through left turns),Vaam Paad (Left – foot means the left foot will be washed first on all auspicious occasions).
  • For remaining all Gotras, Veda - Yajurveda, Upveda-Dhanurveda, Diety-Shiva, Madhyandinee Shakha, Katyayana Sutra, Dakshin - Shikha (Right -Shikha means the Shikha will be knotted through right turns), Dakshin Paad (right foot means the right foot will be washed first on all auspicious occasions).



Katyayan Kashyap Shandilya
Bhardwaj Saankrit Upmanyu
Dhananjay Kaashyap Gautam
Garg Bhaardwaj Vatsa
Kaushik Paarshar Kavistu

Reference from Book "Kanyakubja Vanshawali" written by Pandit Manni Lal Misra, Chowk, Kanpur.
Publisher: Sri Krishna Pustakalaya, Chowk Kanpur, Year 1966