Kanyakubj Brahmins

Holi Milan Samaroh 2010

Akhil Bhartiya Shri Kanyakubja Pratinidhi Sabha, Lucknow, is very old cultural and charitable organization. For some unfortunate reasons, it had become inactive. But in 1990, it was again revived under guidance of Justice Pandit Jayashankar Trivedi, Late Pandit Aditya Narayan Trivedi, Sri Jitendra Misra Advocate and  Sri Upendra Misra.  Sri Jitendra Misra and  Sri Upendra Misra have performed  “Bhaageerath Prayatna” in re-organizing the members & executive body, re-validation of expired registration and old bank accounts etc. Old FDs were renewed and their interests were properly deposited in bank accounts of Sabha. Thus after almost after two decades Rs.15550/- were distributed amongst 49 meritorious/deserving students. Amount of money distributed as scholarship rose in year 2009-2010 is Rs.25950/- & distributed among 81 deserving students.

Brief Introduction of the Chief Guest

The Chief Guest, Smt. Shobha Dixit, was born in family of judiciary. Her father was Sri Desh Deepak Ji Trivedi, a District Judge, and grandfather Sri R.P.  Trivedi apart from being judge, was a great scholar of Hindi. Maternal grandfather of Smt. Dixit was Sri Teeka Ram Misra, a judge & Chairman Public Service Commission UP. She was married to a very respectable Dixit family of Rai Bareli. Her husband, Sri Satish Chandra Dixit is an IAS officer. Sri Sireesh Chandra Dixit Ex. DG Police UP &  MP is elder brother of Satish ji.

Smt. Shobha ji did her LLB in 1959 after marriage & became standing counsel of Govt. of UP in honorable Supreme court. She became first lady judge of High-court of Allahabad in 1991. She retired in 1998 & is now practicing in Supreme Court of India as senior counsel.

Akhil Bhartiya Shri Kanyakubja Pratinidhi Sabha, Lucknow, has been regularly organizing an annual “Holi-Milan Samaroh” since 1997. Initially, it was then organized in very small hall of Hindi Sahitya Sabhagar. But due to increasing interest and attendance of members, we are now celebrating it in “Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium” in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow. It is a very good air conditioned hall with beautiful light & sound effects, and has a seating capacity of around 250 persons.

Since  2008 the program has become very compact, its every minute is well planned in advance. Quality of program has also improved as more professional artists are giving performance.

In year 2008, we planned to launch our own website www.kanyakubj.org. We accomplished it in 2009. Though, it is in state of infancy & needs refinement, still it does have enough matter about origin & history of Kanyakubjas . It also has information about brief history and geography of ancient  famous city Kanykubj, is also known as Kannauj in present times

In 2009, we decided to honor the person who worked for betterment of Sabha “Kanyakubj Sahyog Samman”, and also to honor a lady with good educational qualification and her work in the society by conferring her “Kanyakubj Vidushi Samman”.

It needs to told that first Sahyog Samman was given to Sri Ajai Trivedi and Sri Nirmal Misra, both telecommunication engineer, who designed & maintains web site. Of course, the services are without any charges whatsoever. I am communicating to you with their courtesy.

This year, on occasion of new Vikram Samvat & Holi Milan Samaroh was organized on 14th March in Rai Uma Nath Bali Auditorium. Chief Guest was none other than Smt. Shobha Dixit, retired judge of Allahabad High Court.

Function started with chanting of Richas of Saamved & Rigved by km Pihu (6 yrs) and Poorva (4 yrs), Pandit Jaya Shankar Trivedi, Pandit D.K.Trivedi (both retired Judges of High Court), Sri Jyotindra Misra Advocate General, UP Government, Sri S.N Shukla, Sri Tewari (both retd. IAS), Sri M.C. Dwivedi, and Sri R.C. Dixit (both retired DG Police), Dr. Asha Misra renowned Gynecologist of Lucknow and Chief Guest of last year and Dr P.N. Awasthi a very senior physician were present amongst so many other guest dignitaries present.

Function started with lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest and welcome of Chief Guest.

This year award of Kanyakubj-Vidushi was given to Dr Anamika Shukla, famous & very popular lady doctor who is MS in Gynecology and trained in advanced Neo-Natology, has contributed a lot in Urban RCH program. Kanyakubj Sahyog Samman was conferred on Kunwar Ajay Kumar Tripathi of Sisendi, Lucknow.

The first edition of  Kanyakubj Vaani magazine edited by Dr. D.S. Shukla, is released by the Chief Guest on this occasion.

After address by secretary, scholarships were awarded to 12 meritorious girl students from various colleges of Lucknow. President in his very short speech thanked Chief Guest & other Guests.

Chief Guest Smt. Shobha Dixit insisted with humility that she was not any special but among one of us. She reminded that first duty of Brahmins was to be learned and well versed in whatever field they are working. Knowledge was foremost quality amongst them and should refrain from vanity or Ahankaar.

She was given title and moment of “Kanyakubja  Shiromani” by our president Sri D.K. Trivedi.

In cultural program, two plays of famous writer Late Sri Manto were staged by DARPAN, a very famous drama organization of Lucknow, which was directed by equally famous director Sri Urmil Kumar Thapalial ji. The plays were very much appreciated by audience, specially the roles played by Dr. Anil Rastogi & Smt. Priti Gupta.

Function ended with National Anthem & was followed by tea & snacks, which was praised by members. Catering was done by Vindeshwari Caters again by a Kanyakubj.

Dr. D.S. Shukla
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